What We Deliver in Your Customer’s Journey


New customers probably find you in one of a few ways:

  1. By referral-recommendations from past clients are excellent! But they are unpredictable and probably not plentiful enough for you to thrive.
  2. Because they know you exist, understand the service you offer and have your contact details.
  3. They search Google for the thing they want to buy and that you sell. You show up on the first page, and you have an excellent reputation-they call you.
  4. They have heard of you, and you show up in their Google search, you have lots of reviews and a great website.- they are already sold before they call you.

Let’s build a plan that makes sure your potential customers know who you are, what you sell, and that you are excellent at it, so when the call you they are ready to buy. Finding new qualified customers is all we do- we can help you too.



These days your discoverability or findability is probably your most important marketing task. We understand how to talk to Google. And we will optimize your website and your digital reputation with the goal of persuading Google to suggest you first.

SEO – We will optimize every page on your sight – improving the findability of content, providing credible backlinks and ensuring all On-Page best practices are adhered to. Contact us today and I’ll give you a 100% free detailed SEO audit.

Keyword Planning – Establishing the words/phrases that people use when searching for the thing you sell is foundational to success. The better your understanding of the searchers‘’ “intent,” and the words they use when searching, the more likely you are to be found. Don’t fight battles you can’t win – Choosing high search volume, but low competition keywords to target in search means you win more search battles and pay less for each victory.

Listings & Citations – There are scores of directory and social sites that list company information. If your company information is missing, or worse wrong, it hurts your chances of being found by people looking to buy the thing you sell. Click the “free snapshot” button to see how your company is doing.


All sales are driven by a confidence in the vendor or product.

Peer reviews are a critical tool to establishing credibility.

It is vital to monitor the web for both positive and negative reviews and reply to both.


The purpose of your website is to convert prospects to leads.

You must deliver highly relevant information immediately to the site visitor.

As in all sales, asking for the business often and clearly will mean more business.


Google also uses review volume and quality data when determining where to serve your company information on the search results page.

Future customers will research any important decision the company that inspires most confidence in the mind of the potential buyer will win the business. Independent peer reviews are the best way to inspire confidence.

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