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Can people looking to buy the thing you sell find you online?

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Many small and medium-sized businesses struggle to keep a constant pipeline of new customers. Marcus Consulting builds digital systems and processes that deliver a consistent flow of new business inquiries. So you can focus on serving your customers, not finding them.


Marcus Consulting provided our New York medical practice with invaluable help in rebooting its internet presence. Business doubled as Marcus guided us through every step of the process of making our doctors known to patients throughout the Tri-State area, including making sure the content on our website covered all areas of care in which our doctors specialize, and that the content was readily available to people searching for it. We worked on the update process for several weeks this spring, and the payback has been astounding. Can’t recommend highly enough.

Jacquline Didier – NSS Dermatology


As a small business owner, I have much to offer potential clients. But, like many small business owners, I have no idea how to navigate the technology needed in today’s world to reach those potential new clients. That’s where Marcus stepped in. He enhanced my website, making it SEO friendly and created several Google ad campaigns. The results were immediate and outstanding! Marcus is easy to work with and truly dedicated to making your business a success. If growing your business is your goal, I would not hesitate to use Marcus.
Amy – Ready Set Move Group


I decided I needed to take my business to another level I needed a website. Marcus worked tirelessly with me to make sure my website was beautiful, catchy, to the point, every detail was there for a reason. He had to learn all about my profession in order to write the content which was many many hours of work.

Thanks, Marcus for helping me create a website that I can be proud of!

Sorah Shain


My business had slowed down considerably. Marcus revamped my website and put a long-term SEO strategy in place which combined with some well thought out Google Ads has produced significant gains for my company. He does what he says and he will help you find customers!

Mark Neely – Neely Auction


As a brand new Green Market in Palm Beach County, we were thrilled with the results Marcus Consulting delivered for us. We saw an immediate and sustainable bump in traffic and actual conversions. We highly recommend Marcus and his Team! 


Marcus Consulting has been a huge help in our small business’ push for a strong online presence. With their guidance and work our website is now at the top of the first page for local google searches and we have noticeably increased our reach with many new clients who found our office through online searches. I cannot recommend Marcus Consulting enough!

Vikki Nestico – Grand Wellness


I have always wanted to launch my beef Jerky brand but needed a way to stand out form the crowd. Marcus helped me come up with my logo and business plan he is the best!

Captain Smokey’s Captain Jack

The Customer Journey

Understanding the steps a customer goes through before buying is your biggest marketing challenge.
This is what we do for our clients- we deliver new customers.

“They can’t buy from you if they don’t know you exist and you don’t show up when they are searching for the thing you sell. I can fix that.”


They can’t call you if they don’t know you exist!


Are you presented as a viable option by Google to people looking to buy the thing you sell?


Potential customers want to hear from their peers that your company is trustworthy and competent.


Remember, the purpose of your website is to convert prospects into actionable leads. If your site has traffic but is not delivering new leads, it needs fixing.


The best advertising comes from happy clients, but it is not always easy to catch and use the goodwill created in the minds of happy customers. We have a system to make this effortless

Our Goals

I started my digital advertising agency in Boynton Beach and called it Marcus Consulting because I am passionate about finding solutions that drive revenue for my clients, basically I am addicted to the thrill of delivering new customers.

Simply put, Marcus Consulting exists to find and deliver customers. We are a generalist digital marketing and branding agency offering tailored solutions that small businesses can afford. We have deep expertise in helping companies find their ideal customers online through Display, PPC, and Social advertising. And our expert SEO team can ensure that your company is found when your potential customers are searching for the product or service that you sell.

How is your business performing online?

Get an accurate overview of your company’s digital footprint and how easy it is for potential customers to find and do business with you. This free report will also give you insights into how your competition is fairing. It’s free and it will provide actionable insights that will make and save you money.

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